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Guide to your stay in Sciacca

Sciacca Coral

In 1875, three sub-fossil coral deposits were found in Sciacca, about 30 miles from the Sciacca coast, at a depth of 150-200 meters. It is salmon pink colour, varying from intense to very pale. This coral lays piled in enormous quantities in a muddy depth and it has long and tapered branches with an average thickness of 7 millimeters.

In 1726 a French doctor classified coral as a marine animal. This substance produced by animals are present in various species, are distinguished according to their origin and colour. The coral is formed by colonies of constricting polyps that secrete small crystals of calcium carbonate that forms a rigid skeleton. The fragile coral branches are traditionally gathered in the light of day from the depths of the seas.

Since coral of this high quality has become rather rare, today we try to have a more conscientious approach during the collection of fragile coral branches. During the subsequent phases, the pieces are cleansed and handled with very thin saws; before processing the coral is cut like other hard stones. When not yet worked it appears dull and chipped; only after polishing does it becomes a beautiful jewel. In order to admire the works of the master craftsmen of the coral, one must come to visit the shops of Sciacca that offer articles of high craftsmanship.