Olfactory Journey

Experience at the Caves of the Ancient Granary

The proposed experience consists of a visit to the Caves of the Ancient Granary and an Olfactory Journey.

The Caves of the Ancient Granary are part of the ancient Grain Loader of Sciacca. During the visit, you will be able to see the remaining original structure, discovered during restoration work, and the ancient equipment for wheat processing displayed in a small room. Additionally, a video will illustrate the various stages used in wheat processing.

The olfactory journey of the Aromatario is dedicated to D. Franciscus Carusello Sconduto, an aromatario who lived in that house in the 1700s, as evidenced by a stone plaque found during the building’s restoration. He is credited with the reconstruction of the octagonal-plan church of S. Lucia from 1761 to 1763. In honor of the Aromatario, the Di Stefano/Montalbano family, passionate about botany, has created an olfactory journey featuring over 70 aromatic plants, both traditional and unusual, such as plants with curry, licorice, chocolate fragrances, orange, and other specialties.


  • Guided tour of the Caves, images, and video of ancient grain production
  • Olfactory journey: discovery of aromatic plants, perception of scents and essences
  • Tasting of herbal teas
  • Duration: approximately 45/60 minutes

For information and reservations

Silvio and Carmelo at +39 340/8907287 – +39 328/7512518.