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Rooms - B&B Casa dell'Aromatario

Our Rooms

Discover the rooms of Bed & breakfast Casa dell'Aromatario

The B&B Casa dell’Aromatario aims to offer its guests a unique and unforgettable stay, dedicating comfortable and welcoming rooms equipped with every comfort, pampering them in the morning with rich breakfasts and reviving them with the traditions of aromatherapy, with the presence of aromatic plants in the structure.

The B&B has been bestowed with two beautiful terraces, one with a sea view and the other overlooking the ancient church of San Francesco of Paola, which can be used as a relaxation area complete with sofas and ornamental plants. Inside the structure there is also a picturesque private courtyard with benches made with the characteristic ancient ceramics of Sciacca.

Every room is equipped with privat bathroom with shower cabin, bidet, hairdryer and courtesy prducts. Also air conditioning, soundproof and heat insulating fixtures, free wi-fi, 32-inch flat screen TV, minibar, safe-deposit box.

  • Services: 
    • Privat bathroom with shower cabin
    • w.c.
    • bidet
    • hairdryer
    • coutesy products
    • air conditioning
    • soudproof and insulating fixtures
    • free wi-fi
    • 32-inch flat screen TV Full HD
    • minibar
    • safe-deposit box

Regulation of the B&B Casa dell'Aromatario

1. Introduction
The rules and regulations of Casa dell’Aromatario B & B aim to guarantee all guests a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful stay. The Client, with the agreement to stay at the Casa dell’Aromatario B & B, declares that he/she understands and accepts the presented rules and regulations, which are posted at the reception and are included in the website of the structure.
2. Arrival and Departure
a. On arrival, the clients must provide identification documents to the reception manager, who will record the guest’s data and return the documents.
b. The guest, after viewing his/her assigned room is required to inform the reception manager within 10 minutes of a possible request for a change of accommodation.
c. The rooms of the B & B are available from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and must be returned before 10:00am on the day of departure.
d. The electronic room keys must be consigned to the staff at the reception, who will control each room. Therefore, customers are advised to report any damages before their departure.
e. Any customer wishing to remain in his/her room on the day of departure after the scheduled time and no later than 16:00 can do so only if the room is available and subject to authorization by the management with a charge of 33% of the daily rate.
f. Customers wishing to anticipate the departure date, with respect to the reservation made, are obliged to pay the full amount of the charge as required by the relevant rules and by these regulations.
g. Customers wishing to leave during the night or in the morning before 08:30 must check out with the balance payment, the tourist tax and any extra consumption, the night before departure.
h. Entry to non-guests of the structure is forbidden, visits by family members or friends must be authorized by the Management; furthermore, the visitor is required to leave an identification document at the Management Office which he/she may collect when he/she leaves the bed and breakfast;
i. Rates are per day, regardless of the time of entry.
3. Breakfast and food hygiene safety
a. Breakfast is to be eaten in the breakfast room located on the ground floor. It is not allowed that bed and breakfast guests consume food or drinks for breakfast in their rooms or outside the structure. For the purposes of hygiene and food safety it is forbidden for customers to bring food or beverages into the bed and breakfast that is not authorized by the management.
b. Customers with allergies and / or food intolerances are required to notify the Management in advance.
4. Reception and cash desk service
a. The balance of the stay must be paid on arrival, while the CHECK OUT of the room will be to pay the cost of
any consumptions and extra charges.
b. The reception desk service operates at the following times: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
c. The B & B Casa dell’Aromatario offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy free Wi-Fi internet service, in
compliance with current regulations.
5. Exemption responsibility
The management of the B & B is not responsible for the loss of objects and / or valuables of the guests; each
guest is required to attend to their own objects/property.
6. Silence, order, conduct and behavior within the Bed and Breakfast
a. During the hours 2:00 pm-4:00 pm and 11:30 pm-08:00am, any noise that may disturb the other guests’ rest is
prohibited. The use of radio and television is allowed with extreme moderation and, even so, in absolute respect
of the rest time.
b. The use of electric and / or electronic musical instruments in the B & B ‘s rooms is forbidden.
c. Proper dress and being respectful to the sensitivity and decency of others is required inside the B & B.
d. It is forbidden to trample on flowerbeds or damage plants and flowers or to take products from our garden
unless authorized by management.
e. It is forbidden to enter areas reserved for the B & B staff.
f. It is forbidden to throw papers and waste outside the appropriate bins.
g. It is forbidden to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or instruments considered blunt.
h. As provided for by current laws, the Management has the right to withdraw from the B & B service contract
without notice, if the customer does not comply with the Regulations or behaves in such a way as to create
damage or disturbance. The Security Personnel appointed by the Management is required to enforce the Rules
and the principles commonly accepted by our culture of courtesy and good education towards anyone who
enters the B & B.
7. Damage and theft
a. Anyone causing damage to the building, movable goods, furnishings, equipment etc. is held responsible both
civilly and criminally. Any thefts and damages will be immediately reported to the Authority. Upon departure,
the staff of the structure will check the rooms and the costs for repairing the damage or the loss of electronic keys
will be charged at the time of check out.