What is there to visit?

Guide to your stay in Sciacca

Church of San Domenico

The church of San Domenico was founded around 1500 by Tommaso Fazzello and was rebuilt and enlarged in 1791. The façade is very simple, built with a facade of tufa blocks. You will notice a beautiful doorway with a window and a summit  frame. Entering the Baroque style interior, you will notice a single aisle 42 meters long and 10 meters wide, and there are eight small chapels plus the main chapel. Starting from the right side of the aisle, we find the marble sarcophagus of Giacomo Tagliavia. On the altars there are three paintings depicting St. Thomas Aquinas, Saint Hyacinth, Saint Dominic and a sculpture of the Holy Crucifix. At the end of the right arch of the porter’s lodge is the statue of San Vincenzo Ferreri. Starting from the left side of the aisle we find the marble sarcophagus of 1500 by Baronessa Caterina Medici. On the altars there are the paintings of San Crispino and San Crispiniano, of Giuseppe Tresca and the assumption of the virgin. A statue of the Sacred Heart follows. On the high altar is the Madonna del Rosario, with the stellario fifteen Stations of the Cross.